Etymology: Middle English cerchen, from Anglo-French cercher, sercher to travel about, investigate, search, from Late Latin circare to go about, from Latin circum round about

1 : to look into or over carefully or thoroughly in an effort to find or discover something: as a : to examine in seeking something <searched the north field> b : to look through or explore by inspecting possible places of concealment or investigating suspicious circumstances c : to read thoroughly  : CHECK; especially : to examine a public record or register for information about <search land titles> d : to examine for articles concealed on the person 

2 : to uncover, find, or come to know by inquiry or scrutiny -- usually used with out intransitive verb
1 : to look or inquire carefully <searched for the papers
2 : to make painstaking investigation or examination




I have been searching for 10 years. At the start I didn’t know I was searching, I just went. Looking.
I traveled from the farthest corners to the nearest streets.
London to Peru.. Thailand to New York.. The roof of the world to the bottom of the ocean.
During 10 years I have found many things.
Love, hate, sorrow, grief, heartache, riches, poverty, beauty, unbearable pain and unbelievable happiness.
I made new friends and lost old ones.
Family was born and family died.
At the end of 10 years of searching I know what I have found, I know what I have missed.
I have love and am content.
I still don’t know what it was I was looking for and I know I haven’t found it.
But my search, my need to find, made my life, took up my time and led me here.
Now I know the world and myself a little better.  I have myself and my camera and I have you.
But I will never stop searching.